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Governor Kevin Stitt

“I am counting on you to elect Conservative Republican, Cody Maynard, on August 23rd to ensure we have a strong ally and proven financial expert with me at the State Capitol. Cody is loyal to all Oklahomans, and I am confident he will make decisions that are fair and for the next generation instead of the next election. Cody will fight against the liberal agenda to indoctrinate our kids and ensure that education priorities prepare children for a bright future and successful career.”

~ Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt

Cyndi Bird, OK State Auditor

“With decisions made on billions of dollars during short legislative sessions on monies intended to serve Oklahomans needs, it is critically important for taxpayer dollars to be protected by electing true financial experts who have the skills to appropriate funds wisely and help ensure that funds reach the needs intended. Cody Maynard, CPA has assured me he will work to bring transparency and efficiency to government processes, help stop waste, fraud and abuse of Oklahoma taxpayer dollars, and hold those accountable who do. I hope the people of House District 21 elect Cody Maynard on August 23!”

~ Cyndi Bird, Oklahoma State Auditor


“Oklahoma needs conservative Republican Cody Maynard to be elected in the runoff on August 23rd. He will fight for our rights and freedoms and will work to restore the moral, religious, and constitutional foundation on which America was built. Cody also has the much-needed fiscal expertise to reject the reckless spending and poor policy priorities that DC is attempting to force states to accept — decisions that are bankrupting our country, weakening our military, pushing leftist ideology, and limiting our children’s ability to learn our nation’s true history and founding.”
~David Barton, Founder & President of WallBuilders

Oklahoma Faith Leaders

“It is a pleasure to join many in the faith community supporting Cody Maynard, CPA for State Representative. Cody believes strongly in the sanctity of life, and will promote legislation to protect life and promote liberty. Oklahoma will be well served by Cody Maynard’s voice of fiscal expertise, understanding of constitutional rights, and experience gained from longtime service to schools, churches, missions, food banks and volunteer work for those in need to be included in major decisions made for the future of our state in legislation.”

~ Paul Abner, President of Oklahoma Faith Leaders

State Representative
Jay Steagall

“We are in a pivotal time for our state – fighting back against Biden’s unconstitutional mandates, and out of control spending that threatens our national economy and our state’s stability. Our state legislature needs Cody Maynard, CPA – a true financial expert who can protect taxpayer dollars and keep our books balanced. Cody is also a strong conservative Christian, endorsed by organizations and leaders that take seriously the protection of our rights, freedoms, and ability of our state and its citizens to have opportunity to prosper. I ask for your vote on June 28 for Republican Cody Maynard for State Representative to join me in protecting Oklahoma families’ future.”

Pastor Jacob Sheriff

“Cody Maynard has been a friend and co-worker of mine for more than a decade. In the full duration of that time, I have known Cody to always be a man of integrity, being honest and truthful, listening to differing opinions, being respectful to everyone, and making difficult choices in accordance to what is right and true, regardless of opposition or resistance. I have come to trust him completely to always do the right thing and make the hard choices. And these are the character traits that I undoubtedly believe Cody will bring to the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Cody honors the Lord Jesus with his whole heart, he values the Bible and the values it espouses, he respects our nation’s forefathers and the rights and freedoms they enshrined in our founding documents, and desires to see those things maintained and strengthened for our children’s generation and their children’s generation.

It is because of these things that I whole-heartedly endorse Cody Maynard to represent Oklahoma House of Representatives District 21, the district I live and work in, and the community my wife and I are raising our kids in.”

State Representative
Gerrid Kendrix

“Cody Maynard, CPA has the experience needed to improve fiscal policies in our state government. He is a conservative Christian man who understands how important it is to make this state better for your family and his by giving his time and talents to serve this great state. I wholeheartedly support and endorse him for this position and look forward to working with him to create more accountability, transparency, and efficiency in the state government. It has been said that where fraud and abuse are possible, it is probable. Having a man of Cody’s integrity and character will help stop that dead in its tracks. Elect Cody Maynard, conservative Republican for State Representative on June 28!”

Pastor Duane Sheriff

“It has been a blessing to work alongside Cody Maynard for these last several years. He is a diligent individual that takes his work very serious. I was delighted when he chose to run for the Oklahoma House of Representatives for our District 21 as we need more members of his caliber representing us. He is a dedicated family man that holds conservative values very dearly.

I know he would bring value to this seat in the House of Representatives with a tenacity to do what is right and honorable. Cody is a man who operates with such godly moral character and integrity that I know that is how he would approach this appointment. As a patriot he honors and understands the sacrifices that were made by our founding fathers to form a free society. He holds dear the founding documents that established this country and would legislate to maintain that freedom we hold dear.

It is my privilege to endorse Cody Maynard as a candidate for the Oklahoma House of Representatives District 21.”

Americans For Prosperity

“Cody Maynard will be a champion in the State House for fiscal responsibility and increased educational opportunities for Oklahoma children. His background as a certified public accountant will help him identify and support policies to remove harmful government regulations, cut bureaucratic red tape, and eliminate tax provisions that stifle innovation and growth and limit opportunities for Oklahoma businesses and workers.”

Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association

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