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2nd Amendment

I am honored to be endorsed by the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, Oklahoma’s leading gun rights organization, and to be rated Aq by the NRA – the highest letter grade endorsement awarded to non-politicians. 
 I firmly stand with our ability to fully keep and bear arms – we are a constitutional carry state and 2nd Amendment Sanctuary state, and have anti-Red Flag law in place.  I am always looking for places that we can continue to make sure our second amendment rights are fully experienced in Oklahoma.

The Second Amendment guarantees that we have the right to defend our lives, liberty and property, and that right will not be hindered nor taken away. 

This right is very personal as I believe this is the right that affirms and secures our continued freedom. To remove the ability to protect my family is a direct threat to my freedom and that of every person in our country. Without the lawful right to bear arms, we have no ability to defend ourselves but have our lives and properties under the judgement and management of another.

As John Quincy Adams put it, man’s inalienable rights are those “given him by his Creator,” which can neither be taken from him by force nor transferred from him to anyone else. To try to take our rights to keep and bear arms, you are removing a freedom given to me by my creator, which no man has the right to do.

State Sovereignty

The 10th amendment is a constitutional guardrail to ensure Oklahoma thrives with policies and economies that align with its values. The Bill of Rights explicitly protects areas not addressed within the Constitution to be stewarded by the States. As a candidate Oklahoma lawmaker (OKHD- 21), I will advocate state sovereignty consistently and urgently regarding incongruent federal policies encroaching upon Oklahoma’s freedoms of faith, family, and the free-market.

Rule of Law

Law enforcement is under attack. I stand with our brave men and women who sacrifice every day to protect our families and communities because I understand that our human liberty and society’s well-being are in jeopardy without a strong and effective police force. I will be an elected official who will unapologetically support and fund our men and women who serve and protect our communities.

Sanctity of Human Life

The right to life is the most precious unalienable right because without the right to live there is no right to liberty. Politicians in Washington D.C. plan to pass a federal budget that is truly unprecedented- to enable taxpayer funded elective abortions. This is not only unacceptable, but if passed and President Biden signs it into law, I will sign onto a lawsuit questioning the law’s constitutionality and fighting against its implementation. In addition to being a voice for the unborn, I will advocate for life-giving policies for foster care families and children and will support legislation that encourages harsher sentencing for human-trafficking offenders.

Modernize Government Tax Codes and Increase Transparency and Efficiency to Taxpayers

As a CPA, I am acutely aware of the archaic tax codes and bureaucratic red tape that stifles ingenuity and innovation of small business and affects economic stability and success of Oklahomans. Out of 148 members of the legislature, upon election, I will become only the second practicing CPA on the roster – a deficit that simply cannot continue as we manage billions in the budget. On day one, I will work to increase transparency of your tax dollars, work to stop waste, fraud and abuse, and work to ensure that your investments in our state are efficiently and effectively utilized for our community’s benefit.

Protect & Strengthen Families

Oklahoma is currently one of 15 states that still has a “marriage penalty” written into its state tax code. This penalty disincentives marriage by confiscating more of the couple’s money just because they are married, compared to if the couple was not married and filed separately. A strong family is the cornerstone to build a vibrant and flourishing community, state, and nation; therefore, I will work to abolish this tax on married couples. As a practicing CPA,  I am committed to looking deeper into the state tax code to provide more tax relief for married couples.


Oklahoma families and workers rely on Oklahoma energy. I will fight to protect all energy producers and operations like the 5 MegaWatt Power Plant near District 21. It is the state’s responsibility to regulate Oklahoma energy, not the federal governments. As a state we should champion efficient energy producers that work hard to modernize their efforts and produce jobs for Oklahomans.


Education, like faith and family, is a bedrock to our community and our future. Education curriculum is devised best at the elected board or state level with parental influence. No one understands the needs of their children better than their parents or caregivers both pertaining to curriculum and school choice. I will ensure curriculum discretion be afforded to families and local educational institutions. 


Our children’s education must get back to the basics of equipping students with knowledge of skill sets and development to properly train them for a prosperous adulthood. Additionally, U.S history should be taught accurately—not politicized with indoctrination and filled with half-truths that seek only to divide our children. Educators should be equipped with the resources they need to teach accurately and train successfully. 


The Oklahoman legislature has a responsibility to protect our children’s privacy rights and provide equal opportunities for our students. Local school boards and parents should have the right to designate bathroom and sports policies that reflect biological realities.


A free society necessitates individuals’ and families’ healthcare freedom, not only because a just government does not mandate what goes into citizens’ bodies, but because individuals know what is best for their and their family’s health and well-being. American citizens should not feel coerced to violate their conscience or pay taxes that fund human life-ending procedures such as abortion. I also support healthcare providers in managing care and understanding their key role and responsibility that rural hospitals and local providers bring to their patients in health care delivery. Patients are best served when bureaucrats do not interfere with the provider/patient relationship nor the right of conscience for a health care provider to ensure that they do not violate their practiced oath to ‘first do no harm.’

Election Integrity

Election integrity is a serious issue and public policy must prevent opportunities for  fraudulent voting. Therefore, I strongly oppose and will fight any attempt to undermine fair and free elections–like indiscriminate mail-in voting.

Fiscal/Budget/ Economy

Without federal bailouts and support, our state would have faced a significant shortfall. We cannot thrive in the future if we become dependent on handouts from the federal government to fund spending sprees today. Long term success is based on careful consideration of needs, prioritization of core service delivery, and good investment and recognition of emerging opportunities that will help our state be self-sustaining. We must strike a balance between the necessary amount of taxes to keep our state fully operational while keeping tax burdens as low as possible in order to keep our money where it belongs, in the hands of the people. Our counties and cities flourish when business owners get to keep their hard earned money to expand their businesses and provide more jobs to the local economy.

Emerging Markets

Many states are already welcoming many growing and profitable industries, including cryptocurrency, and Oklahoma should not be left behind. I will pursue proposals to modernize Oklahoma’s banking laws to welcome new and emerging markets such as this to grow Oklahoma’s economy. This will attract out of state capital from investors who live in less free states but will operate here, growing our tax base, and creating profitable jobs locally.

Real Estate

As our region grows in job opportunities and word spreads of our economic development work and geographic amenities, we are facing a severe shortage of housing. I will work to streamline processes to allow for infrastructure and construction development to allow more families to be able to  call our district home.


Tourism is a staple of our state economy that is flourishing. Lake Texoma can no longer be kept waiting to achieve its full potential as a draw to our beautiful region of the state.  I support policies that encourage tourist expansion, providing for more well-paying Oklahoma jobs, while maintaining a balanced approach to preserve our natural resources.

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